Sunday, December 06, 2009


This is bad, I'm getting really lazy in blogging.

A bad bad bad syndrome, it feels as I have nothing to write, or lazy to write. Is it due to my holiday being too boring? Or is due to many repeating events that making me lazy to blog about it?

The worse is I've been lazy checking other's blog too, it was my daily routine but now it is like 2-3 days per check.

Funny thing is that people around my also seems to be blogging lesser, is everyone having the same problem (of being lazy)?

Anyone who is reading come share share your thoughts larh :)


aNgeL said...

hahaha....for me is dun hav any thing wanna post la...hehe

u wan me post some weird weird thing

Optimistic sulking contradictory @$$ said...

busy working lo. so no time to blog as much.
Sometime no interesting events, blog same old shit over and over again meh

Lion said...

@dear - of cos no la...

@km - lol yalo, lastime got many 1st time thing can blog, now repeating lazy zo, cham lo..

Philip Foon Weng Lian said...