Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Review: Avatar

How to say, this show is beyond my highest expectation. This movie is totally at another level compared to other hot show around the year such as Transformer, Terminator, and 2012. Few of my tiny little comments about the movie:

"The only show comparable with Avatar - Lord of the Ring!"

"A beautiful blend of science friction and fantasy."

"You just enjoy the show by letting your imagination runs wild."

"This is what you get if your mix Starcraft and Warcraft together!"

Ohhh... I could watch this show a few more times and not getting bored of it! I love both science friction and fantasy, now they come together! Definitely a show that can't be missed in the year.

P/S: Many thanks to ykc for the ticket treat :P


iena said...

thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

you most welcome... ykc

Kev said...

yup i should've watched the 3D version - i didn't know there's one in Melaka. Well, never mind. There'll be another better 3D movie some other time :)