Friday, December 25, 2009

Buffet Dinner @ Eastin Hotel

Holiday was a boring one.

Don't have much trips to blog about, gathering missed many photos, so guess it is food that all I can blog about.

It has been ages since I had a buffet dinner. My blog isn't even born yet when I had my last buffet dinner, gosh.

Anyway, the location is at Eastin Hotel, buffet price around RM80+, the food varies from local, Chinese, Japanese, and western flavors.

Santa version me.

Thank to the early arrival, I was able to ka-chak a few picture of the food before they turn into pieces. The turkey on the left, and the sweet desserts on the right.

It's my favorite, salmon! And look at that thickness, it is so juicy and the texture is just beyond my capability to describe with my poor English...

Hams, hams, and more hams. I think there is about 10 types of different hams there, and each got its own unique taste. Some of them are more juicy, some are more salty, some are raw and some are soft, you just need to taste all to get your favorite.

Oyster! Many Oyster! Not super duper fresh, but still okay for me, I've been missing these little fella for ages.

Japanese sushi and sashimi. Didn't really touched the sushi because eating rice in a buffet dinner isn't wise for me~

Round 1: My favorite salmon as appetizer, with some oyster to refresh the stomach.

Round 2: Decided to get another piece of salmon, along with different types of ham, chicken, and turkey.

Round 3: Grabbed some octopus (the red pile of mud on the right), mesh potato, salad, and some meats.

Round 4: Start filling full, grabbed some cakes and sweet stuffs.

Round 5: Time to slow down, have more sweet stuffs and ice cream!

Round 6 onwards basically the repeat of round 4 and round 5, which more cakes and ice cream. Had a very filling night indeed!

P/S: Many thanks to the 4 Lai sisters for the dinner!


KwOnG FeI said...

wa...buffet..i love d most..
can train u and make u look got a bit of meat too..
btw, you should eat more~

Yen said...

O.O lovely meal worr.... XD
Buffetttttttttttttttt is just too good, are those nice?