Friday, February 12, 2010

CNY Special - Course Gathering

It is rare that my coursemates are able to gather together in a single gathering, as normally there will be surely someone fly the kite. Though there are still a few left outs, but I think everyone did a great job attending this reunion gathering!

Upon arrival, the cooking pot.

The big group, joint of 4 table to make out the most noise!

After few rounds of eating, walking around and ka-chiak-ka-chiak around with everyone before having more rounds!

Thumbs up, seems like everyone is very satisfied!

Left: Professional cooker from Alan's side, looks yum yum~
Right: Noob baker from TKS, have no idea how they manage to burn it to that extend.

After all the eating, it seems that everyone have their tire renewed into a bigger size; but none beat the lorry tire from MingYao! Mwakakakaka!

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