Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY Special - Old School Gathering

With Chinese New Year (CNY) approaching, more and more gatherings are hooking up! But today it start with this one first, afternoon karaoke singing with WeiYao, Foon, Zulynn, and dear~

Been digging out all the super ancient songs to sing in the later part of the session, seems that everyone sing until very high.

Then later part went for a dinner with more people joining together. TingWei finally get to see me and dear lorh.

With dear ^^~

The piggy Choo that missed out for so long, working so long already, faster pressure your boss give you bonus for new year loh!

Here comes the main character, yee sang!

Steady... Ready...

Wahh... 无影手捞鱼生! Shadowless hand!

Poor thing, imagine putting a Happy Tree Friend in the middle, it would be the worst horror in any of the Happy Tree Friend episode, hahaha... May this be a very phosphorous year to all of us! Huat ah!

Anyway, after making all the noise in the restaurant, we shifted to a nearby food court to make more noise (Terror larh we all).

The XiuMuiMui finally get united again with the Foon, enjoying the sweet time lorh.

The Thean brought us some beer with Japanese writing on it after his Langkawi trip (again). Though the bottle looks cool, but WeiYao say it tasted like Shandy while I say it tasted like fruit juice, lol...


Katherine said...

ahhh..horrible picture of me.. =.=

Kev said...

wow, Lion... that's really good fun you had there for CNY :)

Happy Tiger year, friend.