Friday, August 20, 2010


This post is dedicated for my dear coursemates, so if you are not, you can skip this post :)

- - -

Getting your host PC talking to Minix3
What ingredient you'll need:
- Minix3 (Duh)
- FileZilla FTP Client (Download)

- Install FileZilla.
- Set a password for your root in Minix3.

- in Minix3, type the following code:
# cd /etc
# cp rc.daemons.dist rc.daemons
# reboot

- After Minix3 reboot, type ifconfig and you should see something like:
/dev/ip: address netmask...

- Start FileZilla.
- For Host: Copy the ftp address ( here.
- For UserName: Enter root.
- For Password: Place your root password you set earlier.
- For Port: Leave it blank.

- Click "Quickconnect" button, and you are there!
- If this don't work, format your Minix and try again :)

- - -

Booting with new kernel code
So you did some modification in Minix3's kernel code and want to try try out your new code.

- Type the following stuff:
# cd /usr/src/tools
# make clean
# make hdboot

- This usually take a while, so you can have your coffee now.
- After the system build the new booting image (assuming nothing goes wrong), type shutdown in your Minix3.
- Then you will bring to another window. Type following code to show all your booting image:
> ls /boot/image

- The new booting image should looks something like 3.1.7rx, where the x changing depending how many time you build your booting image with hdboot.
- Pick the x with the largest number (e.g. 0,1,2,3...).
- Type the follwing (remember to replace the 'x' with the appropriate value):
> func(3,MnxMod){image=/boot/image/3.1.7rx;boot;}
> menu
> 3

- And thus, your Minix3 is now booting with your new modified kernel code.


Eric said...

This is the things which crack our brain for 1 night!!!

Lion said...

and with countless google search..

Anonymous said...

it is not working for me.
i follow your procedure, but cannot connect to server.

Lion said...

details pls..

Anonymous said...

Error: Connection timed out
Error: Could not connect to server

Lion said...

try format your minix and try again c...

Eric said...

It's works!!! Maybe you should try the last and desperate solutions --> format MINIX!