Saturday, August 14, 2010

Makan-makan in SS2

I am so full right now, therefore have no strength to type words. Let the food picture tell the story la.

Location: Rich Well Restaurant
Time: Today (Sunday night)
Occasion: Tony's big day :)

Let the food begins:

Pigeons, poor thing, even died also had its head chopped into half for decoration...

Ostrich meat and 'Don-Bo' meat.


Chicken and bittergourd-fried-egg.

The very gigantic pepper crap with dong-fun.

The extremely gigantic prawn mee.

The guy with the big day :) Thanks for the meal!

P/S: Look very yummy leh... Nah here's the card (click to enlarge) for you if you are interested to makan-makan there :)

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