Friday, August 06, 2010


Well, watching a movie alone ain't so bad after all, especially this one that requires you to have full concentration to have a better understanding of the show.

We all know that we only used 10% of our brain, the remaining 90% remains a mystery that becomes a good idea for all the book authors and script writers, such as utilizing the full brain power you get some magic power, some deep conciousness stuff, etc.

Matrix have 2 worlds and we all went confused about it, now this one giving us 4 world, which makes the effect double. Anyway, not a bad show, definitely worth watching.

P/S: I'll assume I didn't saw the last scene, as I prefer it ends in the normal way without having all the question marks around...

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Kev said...

aiya movies nowadays ah... some are so crappy la. Now every movie director is into 3D... whether it's effective or not for their movie is another matter.