Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy birthday Jon

It was Pak Jon's birthday yesterday! A gang of 8 people (LimBeh, Joel, me, Lian, WeiYao, Jon, Fung, SzeHui) went to sing K and blew a birthday cake for grandfather Jon in the karaoke. Amazingly for a person who never went to sing K since form 5, I was singing from 2pm to 6pm, after 4 hours of singing and I still have my voice attached to my throat, wow! I must be thankful for the teaching job that requires me to shout and yell around the student and trained up my voice!

We went for dinner after the karaoke in some shopping centre nearby (can't really remember what it called). There is some cheap arcade there where Joel get addiced to some punching game whacking himself up! There is also a dancing game there, but damn! The bloody dance pad there are so freaking hard! I actually need to kick the button in order for the thing to detect it. After 3 songs of kicking, I almost cant feel my leg!

From 8 people in the karaoke, to 3 people sitting in the cinema (me, Joel, and Jon), we ended the day with a show named "Wild Pork" or "Wild Hog" or something, can't really remember, quite a nice show, was laughing like mad back in the cinema.


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