Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sight seeing at Putrajaya

Every plan has a beginning, and this Putrajaya sight seeing also, it begins at 2a.m. somewhere in state, where me, Jason, and Joel was yam cha-ing there and Joel said "Hey lets go Putrajaya see see look look, I heard that place are really beautiful at night!" Then today, 6p.m. we ended ourself (me, Joel, Jason, and WeiRen) in this so-called *The city of 21st century*.

First, lets talk about on the way going there, we passed through Mr Samy Vellu's greatest creation, the tolls, and paid 2 bucks just for going into Putrajaya. On the way, we saw nothing but trees, rocks, and road. We started to wonder "Don't you ever tell me this is Putrajaya, I'll have your head!" But thankfully, we finally arrived after around 20 minutes of driving.

The buildings, roads, bridges, and even the traffic lights here are impressive I should say, all the things are so beautifully build, BUT there is one thing I've (in fact, all of us) realised, this place is damn lack of the lively atmosphere, in other word, this palce is so DEAD. How should I put this, if you compare this place with Kuala Lumpur, in KL, we see cars, peoples, shopping centre, and noise, but here, you can rarely see more than 5 cars on the road, traffic are empty, YET we need to stop every few minutes, because this bloody place got so many traffic lights that actually stops no cars at all, what the hell! After those acursed traffic lights, we finally reach the core area of Putrajaya, our great PM, Pak Lah's resident. Yeah, is the green building with a onion on top of it.

We walk around, took some pictures around :

And even some video clips :
The street of Putrajaya

The sky is turning dark, we've almost finised walking around the area, including the mosque (well, actually just walk below it to get to the other side). We've used the word "This is Malaysia", "What a waste of resources", and "This place is so dead" more than 50 times. Examples?

Situation A : We reach a fountain in the middle of Putrajaya
Jason : "Malaysia goverment do things in such a way that *Build, but never maintain*, look at here, this longkang suppose to have water flowing but it isn't, now it is just a dry longkang."
Me : "This is Malaysia"

Situation B : We were walking under the mosque to get to the other side
Jason : "Hey look, the roof top is broken, wao, water is leaking form there."
Joel : "Wow, they even prepaired a bucket to collect the leaking water!"
Me : "This is Malaysia"

Situation C : Walking around in the park I
Me : "I wonder how can these M-people can sit here for whole day do nothing, if it was me I'll dead of boredom"
Jason : "Well this is their lifestyle, since this place got so many of them, thats why this place is so dead."

Situation D : Walking around in the park II
Jason : "If I were to throw lion in this place and live for a week..."
Me : "I'll die."
WeiRen : "Why?"
Jason and me : "This place is so dead"

Situation E : Walking around in the park III
Me : "If they could use the resources to build this place in KL, I think KL would be a much better place now, look at here, they make it so beautiful but nobody can enjoy it, who will be so stupid (we are) to pay the 2 bucks toll just to see this ?"
Jason : "This is Malaysia, ask our good old goverment."

Situation F : After taking a short break and eat something
Me : "Arrr... I dun feel like walking around anymore, this place is so sien."
Joel : "Wow, lion got infected by the slumber desease here already, we better leave asap."
Me : "Oh shit, I don't want to be one of them!"
*stands up and start walking*

Situation G : Searching for road to go back Shah Alam
Jason : "Just now we saw a road sign shows that this road leads to KL right?"
WeiRen : "Yeah."
Jason : "But now as we go, the word *Kuala Lumpur* seems to be dissapeared from the road sign..."
Me : "Ask your good friend Samy Vellu."
Jason : "@#%$^@#..."

Okay, enought with the examples, there are many more intesting conversation, but these are the few worst ones I could remember. After turning for few rounds, taking some final photo of Putrajaya in the night, then we were like ants on a hot pod, just can't wait to leave that damn place. BUT an intresting event has happened (look at situation G), we can't find our way out! There was this huge dome shape building that looks like a huge UFO, we was turning and turning around searching for exit of Putrajaya to Shah Alam, but we simply keep ended ourself seeing that building, Joel starts to shout "This must be the curse of the UFO". He had even made a song out of this :

People get lost in a jungle,
people get lost in a desert,
people get lost in a mountain,
but we get lost in our own damn city of 21st century!!

But thank god, we finally found an exit, but the exit wasn't lead to Shah Alam, but somewhere (we all don't know where), but as long as we are out from Putrajaya, and the UFO building, then we are safe! We spend around 20 minutes to go Putrajaya from Shah Alam, but almost 1 hour to go back Shah Alam from Putrajaya, whao!

And finally, we are back in Shah Alam, around 9p.m. we ate our dinner, and learned a lesson of a day, NEVER GO TO PUTRAJAYA FOR NO REASON !!

For more photos, please view my photo album, under tag 2007putrajaya

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