Thursday, April 26, 2007

Paint/Pain Ball

Today we (me, Joel, AhLian, LimBeh, WeiRen, JiaKen, YaoBeng, and Jon) went to Subang to play Paint Ball, in fact, I'll call call it Pain Ball instead, because once you got hit by that damn bullet, the pain... Is like a hammer hammering your body!

We bought 2000 bullets, which means each person will have 250 bullets, splitted into 2 teams, with me, Jiaken, Jon, and YaoBeng on the black, while Joel, Lian, LimBeh, and WeiRen on the blue. Our good organizer Joel said "250 bullets, u can play untill you sien la! This going to lasts for like 2 hours!" And the result was, we had 4 games, and we finished most of the bullets in 45 minutes. Yeah baby, 60 bucks burned in 45 minutes, eat sushie buffey oso not so fast! Anyway the game result is 2-2 tie. We spend the remaing bullets with target practice, me and LimBeh hit the smallest target, yeah ^^v, but no prize given u.u"

After the shooting and target practicing, we then have a photo section after that, where we took differnt photos with the mask and the gun, being Tomb Raider, Matrix, Sniper, Counter Strike, and all the shooting games/movies u can think of. We then had a lunch at nearby restaurant in Subang, talking replays in previous game and yeah, we are the most noisy table with Ah Jon so excited with the game!

Well then, off to bath, the paint is oily, and OUTCH! damn painful!

For more photos, please view my photo album, under tag 2007paintball

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