Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Life of a teacher - Part I

Just came back from the school, haven't bath, haven't eat, I feel like just continue to lie down here untill tomorrow morning, because I'm SO FREAKING TIRED! Hate Wednesday so much! 7 periods, with 5 of it completely filled my time after recess. 2 and a half hour of non-stop-teaching-marathon!

Today just whacked almost half of the population of 2C. I was so dissapointed, I was asking them to memorize the antonim since last week, ask them to study at Saturday, Sunday, and gave them last reminder at Monday that Tuesday there will be Ejaan, yet, HALF OF THE CLASS FAILED!! My god... Is it something wrong with them or something wrong with my teaching? Is it so hard to memorize 5 antonim?

Friday gota Ejaan again, gave them 10 antonim to memorize with 5 from the Tuesday and 5 new ones, pray that they won't screw up this time.

Tommorrow's holiday, be thankful to the Agong, yeah...

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