Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Wow, there's so many reunion gathering around the holidays, got big and got small! Some big ones are such as the 6th form gathering in Sushi Station (SungaiWang) organized by Joel Thean.

Though me and Jason are the only one from the physics class, with 60% from the biology class, and also Jit and his friends taking the rest of the quota, our group was the most noisy in the whole restaurant *laugh*. Everyone are very... as Fung said, very 豪气!! Haha our whole group there was talking about all the racial issues, it seems that getting into local university makes people more racist indeed. Couldn't imagine if there's any ISA people sitting next to us, hello to jail and bye bye university! It was a very successful gathering larh, great job Joel!

Another one are the small 5S7 gathering organized by myself, calling some old brothers to drink a tea and chit-chat about our recent life. As usual, the few usual people are summoned: ChinLiang, TingWei, TzeYang, and WeiRen. Everyone still the same, never changed! Wanted to call her to join in to see the percent of similarity between the 2, who knows... Sigh... Somewhat expected larh. Well we went for the Resident Evil movie, basically just another 18sx violence show with blood and flesh flying all around, my 12 bucks!! Oh by the way, we met Sue in the cinema, been ages since I met her (I think I've never seen her since I went to form6, let's see... Almost 3 years, oh dear...), pretty as always. Then we went to the The Gardens, extension of MidValley. The building desing are pretty impressive, TingWei said that it has a very HarryPotter feel with all the zig zag stairs. Walk around the places, nothing much except all those expensive shops with the expensive shirts.

Also the gathering of the mahjong kakies! As usual we, Jason, AhZhu(Bennie), and AhGou(KokPang) played mahjong for the whole night. The different is that this time we are playing in my grandma's room, which is empty for now, that place is one of the place where I'll never enter unless it is really needed, a creepy place and a blind spot of the big house! And yay, maybe thanks to my grandma's fortune, I'm the big winner of the night while KokPang just dig a big hole in his wallet because the one that lost all the coins need to pay for the breakfast. Slept for the whole noon after the breakfast, oh dear... Have chance must play again! *The picture shows the worst ever combination I could get for the night. But miracle do happens, I win that game! With pretty low score of course, what you expect to do with these kind of cards in hand and have no "flower"?

A happy holiday to all my friends that still having holiday now while I need to go back to the stupid cursed UPM thanks to those weird holidays BEFORE the raya from UPM while the whole world is having holidays AFTER the raya.

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