Sunday, October 21, 2007


I've always wanted to blog something about my co-curriculum activity - archery in UPM for some time! (Curse UPM for forcing us to take 2 credit hour for any co-curriculum activies! For your information, students who failed to do so will not be allow to be graduate...) and today I finally get the chance to find someone to take a few photos for me to write a blog entry. (Well, one of my principle, I rarely post a blog entry without any pictures.)

On the left is me pulling the bow, take note that the right way to pull the bow is stretch the string all the way until it reach your lips and nose, aim, and release. At first there are just a few people who are able to do this, as time passes, it seems that everyone able to do that!
On the right is the bow used by beginner, each of it weight around 20-28 pounds (~9-13 kg) and each cost around RM800+!! Oh yeah, in the sports room, there is around 30-40 bows there, so do the math and see how much UPM is spending on archery. (Archery is really not a cheap sport, not less than golf I can ensure you!)

The 2 picture above shows the bow used by professional archers, the bow in my hand weight around 40 pounds (~18 kg) and it is super hard to pull! I'm not kidding, pulling that thing is like pulling a cow to climb Batu Cave. Anyway, guess the price of this thing, it is RM5000+!! Yes!! RM5000+!! A price that allow you to get one of the latest laptop and won't get outdated for 4 years. Holding this bow itself makes you lost interest in becoming a professional archer...

So, anyone taking archer next semester? I'm selling my arm guard and my finger tips for around RM20, take note that I bought it for RM35!! Sorry, should be "being forced to bought it for RM35!!".

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