Friday, September 19, 2008


Exams are such a gamble. No matter how much you study or how well you can remember things, the fact is that there aren't many people who can just put the whole book into your brain and reproduce it in the exam.

Yet, in the exams, you are expected to had already swallowed the whole book.

But, we can't.

So, in the end we need to gamble on certain part of the book, praying it will come out in the exam. If it comes out, you won the bid; else you lost it.

Difference between gambling with money and gambling in the exam are plain simple: One playing with money and the others playing with marks.

And today, I just lost some of the chips. *sigh*


ccw said...

Wah! sound very down wor... not like you de!?

If exam is equivalent with gambling, then knowledge is our chips.

If exam is equivalent to gambling, then dealer is our lecturer.

If you score in your exam, then you are god of gambler.

Exam not really gambling but is one of the method to deal with exam--> the most popular one

If exam is equivalent to CS, then you are very dangerous.

If you score in your exam, then you are snipper.

Another method to deal with exam--> tembak popular for objective question

HAHAHaHAH.... I'm lost....

Lion said...

well, agree with most of the content except the chips:

knowledge is not the chip, marks are. There is a saying "you enter the exam hall with full marks, and your marks get deducted along the exam when you answered wrong question"

see? u enter the exam hall with the chips (marks) and you gamble (exam) and you laugh (question spotted) or you cries (question out of studies)

and me not down la -.- simply filling up my blog... haha...

Encik Azrin Yang Garang said...

Nicely put and nicely argued. i am liking it. :-)