Friday, September 26, 2008

辩论 + Genting!

Again, this is a trip that happens weeks ago but the post was delayed so badly due to my laziness and I fed up waiting for the group photo from the people who has it.

By looking at the title, if there were people who read my blog since last year, they'll notice that there is a post with exactly same title in last year. Yeah I did it on purpose, time flies so quickly that last year; I'm being a junior being brought to Genting by the seniors and now, myself are the one who bring people to Genting instead! This somehow feels odd in the sense that... "Oh crap, I'm one year older!" Anyway, it is a nice camp overall, nice food nice activities nice games nice apartment, everyone gave their best to make this camp a success!

To be honest, I'm not quite happy about the internal things here and there, especially putting me into a job position (that I'm not good in that field) without my agreement, and how the whole things was organized. I hide my disappointment away from most of the people I know because I don't wish to affect everyone's motivation on their jobs. Even in the end, I got into chicken backside here and there but I still choose not to sound this out, it is just wasting my time to tell them how I think about this whole thing. Yes I'm being selfish, and I thank a senior who willing to listen to me.

Anyway, things are over now, putting the unhappy things aside, enjoy the photos!

The team I lead during the camp, the people in red, purple and yellow, the leftmost are the senior who guiding me to guide them. I'll be counting on you guys on next year's camp!

This is what I see from the balcony.

In the cable car. (Fung: I found your lost sister! The girl in pink on the right picture have the SAME name with u, in both Chinese and English, LoL!)

Where we stay and what we eat...

Guess that's it! I still have 2 years to go, hope that I can survive long enough to attend the next camp.

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