Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mother's 61st Birthday


I was supposed to post this in last week but due to the intense exams and the delay of the photo, finally I have the time to write a little on this big day!

Let's see, lots of
people came, father and mother side. Lots of yummy food, but sadly don't really have the time to enjoy it because need to layan the relatives, especially the mother side one. There are some that I can't even recall their names and some that "seems" never seen before! *Cough... Getting old....*

Took lots of photo, out of all the photos I've collected I think this 2 are my favorite.

What could be more satisfied than looking at their parent's happy and smiling face? It has been awhile since I see them so enjoying themselves so much.

The food, and me.

On Left: Mom and dad with the yummy piggy!
On Right: My sis and Jeremy that came all the way back from Singapore!

The main sponsor of the piggy! The Four-Thousand-Gold.

Drunken hazards, beware!

Lim family that chatting outside and the Lai family that drinking inside! (Lim=Mom's side; Lai=Dad's side)

Last but not least, the family picture!

Guess that's all lah! I've uploaded the photos here. You can go view it anytime! Happy birthday mom! I love you!

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Encik Azrin Yang Garang said...


extend my greeting to your mother. may she will be having another hundred years of living with wisdom.

well the piggy really looked yummy and shinny! roasted with honey coating i supposed?

couldnt see coffee! can you post one or two of that pups pics?? how i wished i could drop by to your house and to meet your parents. :-)

hey study smart and be a professional. a real professional with good malaysian malaysia sentiments ok!