Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad

Supposed to blog about this last week. But as usual, my reports and tests ate away most of my time, leaving my blog half dead now. Not a good sign, need to rearrange my timetable seriously!

So anyway, 2nd sis came back from Singapore, to take a break, shopping, and celebrate some party for dad's coming birthday! Barbecue and lamb, simply amazing! Sadly wasn't feel very well that day, staying near the fire could toast me for real.

The lamb, and me.

The lamb, and everybody.

The lamb, and Edward the butcher.

Urh, too much lamb talk, but can't help it! The lamb is just way too nice from being nice. It melts in your mouth like ice cream, juicy as you chewing it, added with some mint sauce would brings you to heaven!

Here's the barbecue pit, and Jeremy doing the cooking with his "shadowless hand"!

Not forgetting the drinks.

The uncles inside.

And the children outside.

Yin-Yang cake!

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to papa, happy birthday to you!"

Seeing dad so happy, the children also feels great larh!

Been a while we are able to gather and take some family photo, personally thinks that this one is one of the best!

Poor grass, gota take some time for them to grow back. Ah Pak had a few pots of plants over it as temporary solution, lol.

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