Saturday, August 29, 2009

Life of a university student - Part IX

University life is crazy as usual, but this semester are crazy with reports and assignment.

Let's see, 3 labs per week, and 2 of them are individual report, one is group report.
  • Which means I have 2.5 reports to submit each week.
  • Out of the 2 individual report, 1 is always around 25-35 pages long due to hack load of experiment results to analyze.
  • Another report varies around 5-10 pages, and thank god that these few weeks the results always combined in few weeks and send in one shot.
  • And there are assignments coming in inconsistently.
Therefore I though of a good theme for this semester - Study hard, work hard, and play hard. The computer labs had installed new computers, with crazy specs.

I know that thumb drives is a must for university students now days, but putting games in the thumb drive is a new must for us now.

Not only study hard, work hard, and play hard; sometimes we even eat hard. Nothing do went to supermarket bought 2 bucket of ice cream, then finish them off in one shot.

Who say in exam hell hall you can't play in your phone? *shhh...*

Well then, life goes on... Sit down and have a drink and some snacks, laugh your way through is always better than struggle your way through.

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