Thursday, September 24, 2009


My holiday assignments, I always had this habit of converting the completed assignments into .pdf files to show that "IT IS DONE!" for me.

Let's see, 6+7+6+25+25=69 pages, I just completed a magazine over the week! Now, printing out requires 6 cent per page, which means 69x6=414 cents, which end up a total of RM4.20 (the aunties never round down).

Well, RM4.20 can equal to a pretty "luxurious" meal in the mixed rice shop, with meat and stuffs, but now it is just for the assignments and reports! The trees going to cry man.

Final faster come, final faster end, I'm addicted to holidays!

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chooi ling said...

the "greatest" blog ever ... sem 5 is report sem~

sweat -.-!