Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rice, Fish, Monkey, and Penguin

Yet another healthy activity called by Joel, and location suggested by Jason - Sekinchan. Why Sekinchan? "My friend went there and it seems fun." - from Jason.

Is a frigging long ride to reach there.

Anyhow we manage to reach the place. Maybe we went at the wrong season, all the restaurant are flood with people, took us some time to find a place to sit at a random restaurant.

Time: 1.10 p.m.
- Placed the order, happily took some photo around while waiting for the food.

Time: 1.20 p.m.
- The guys went too hungry, ordered a plate of white rice and fill up the stomach a little first. We found it to be a bit too tasteless, therefore we added some soy sauce. Finished the plate of rice within 2 minutes.

Time: 1.55 p.m.
- We shifted the table to a bigger one, Joel went too hungry from waiting the food.

Time: 2.25 p.m.
- Jason went too hungry too, eating chili padi and garlics, Joel staring with gluttonous eyes.

Time: 2.50 p.m.
- Finally the food arrived! Actually we ordered a fish too, but by the time we finished all these meals the fish is still yet to be produced. Since we does not plan to wait for another long hour for the fish, consider it done.

Mark down this place guys, a good place to train your patience.


After eating, time to see the rice field!

And more rice field...

And more... I love the clouds by the way...

Ok larh, rice field with me...

And rice field with us...

We found a rice processing factory nearby the field.

Then went in had some look.

This is the raw rice, fresh from the field.


Next, Jason brought us to fishing, but out of 4 of us there is only one functioning fishing rod.

P/S: I really like the view of this photo!

What happen to the people without the rod? Collect shells larh.

Joel was going to bored to death at that moment, how rare to see Joel complaining boredom in a healthy activity.


Next, we went to Bukit Malawati for some sight seeing. But see what exactly lerh?

To see monkey.

To see cannon, seriously they have damn many cannons here.

How many pose u can do with a single cannon?

The view are pretty good, high ground ma.

Joel with his superman pose again.

There is this light house (with some historical story behind) here that supposed to be one of the attraction around. But the door is locked, so can only take pictures from outside.

Took some lame picture with the burst mode. Abusing my programming skills, I made it into an animated .gif file~


The night is coming, the great day ends with a meal with Pn. Wong, the good ol penguin chemistry teacher.

Treated a meal from her, paiseh lerh, but the meal is really really nice! Especially the asam fish, simply oh-my-gawd!

Well, that makes up my day, what a tired, sunny, happy, chatty, and meaningful day!


fung said...

dun hav me inside~bluek~

Lion said...

who ask u run bek so fast T.T