Saturday, September 05, 2009

Old School Gathering

This post suppose to be posted on last week, but again due to my laziness and business, it got delayed for bad. Anyway, nice to meet up with some of the s7 people that I didn't meet for ages.

My lazy self was telling me to skip this gathering, as TingWei and KhaiLin had already blog about it already, but my blogger self told me not to be lazy, so here is it!

This one taken in Pasta Zanmai, let's see:
  • TingWei and CCL are regular s7 gathering kaki I'll meet during the holiday, never changed.
  • KhaiLin would be once in a blue moon, depends on she got invite me for gathering or not lorh.
  • XiuMing, ZhenPing, RuiLin often hang out with KhaiLin's gathering, again depends on KhaiLin got invite me or not lorh.
  • GikMun, ChuanFei, and YauJun, first time seeing them since form 5 graduated, aww...
Anyway I'm not going to talk about the foods we had all day larh, want to know what we eat to check out TingWei or KhaiLin's blog larh, hahaha...

The Baba & Nyonya shop, introduce by me, which I knew about this place when having dinner with my cousins.

Everyone had their Ice Kacang and Cendoi here, real nice to meet up with the old folks again, Cikgu Quek ah, next time organize more gathering ha!


6!u3@ho!ic said...

i didn' knew that i only appear meeing you once in the blue moon le...sorry~
lol,i hang out with shouming n ruilin quite often but not zhenping larh brother...tat dude susah to date lo~wahahaha
i will always remember to date you in any gathering next time,but rmb don't take your lunch b4 gathering..or maybe we change to club next meetup?
but will u be available o?u are no more single now le~^^


Lion said...

hahahah, who ask u dun date me more wen me still single, now must c c lorh~