Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Dying Blogsphere

Well, I had a list of friends (on the right side of my blog) that owns a blog. The list used to be pretty hot, I get to read a new blog post at least once a day. The word "1 week ago" can hardly appear on my top 5 latest post. But now, the people remains blogging can be counted with one hand, "1 month ago" could appear in the near future.

Sad lah.

It's like watching a busy pasar malam closing down. The reason of the reduced blog post are normally as below:
- No time
- No material on what to blog
- Lazy
- Bored and quit blogging

For me, there is middle of somewhere that I did stopped for some time, mainly due to the boring life and the laziness. But luckily I managed to return after the slumbers.

Well, I can't point a gun at people's head and ask them to blog right? But it's just plain sad to see the blogsphere dying around.

Just hoping myself not being the last one standing lah.


Katherine said...

haha.. if u take another screen shot u'd see mine is last post is 3 days ago.. blogging is really dying of cz of the hectic lifestyle.. and plus.. hectic lifestyle = no time for fun = no photos = no blog material

sien man.. find one day we go out to get some blogging materials k? LOL

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