Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review: Skyline

Initially, when I saw the poster above and the trailer in YouTube, the show was looking quite promising, a sci-fi fan such as myself wouldn't miss it for sure... until I watched the movie.

I thought 2012 was bad, but this is WORST. I am very very disappointed.

Well I don't care about being a spoiler in this blog post for this show, it really don't worth watching. The best part of the movie are all in the trailer. If you've watch the trailer, it is as good as you watched the whole movie. (But the trailer doesn't have an ending!) Don't worry, there is no ending for the movie anyway.

There are so many things in the movie that makes not sense:
- A security camera installed in a condominium could lock down an fighter jet flying at 500km/hr like locking down a football in a football match.
- A condominium experience a nuclear explosion nearby and it is unharmed, without a single piece of glass breaking off.
- You hide behind a sheet of cotton and the alien can't detect you. Apparently the alien that travel through the vast universe has not discovered X-rays.
- Human brain seems to power a gigantic floating alien mothership, I didn't know our brain (which get energy from dead animals and plants) have more energy than a nuclear reactor.
- The analogy for this movie is like you go dig up an ant-hill, plug the ant heads off to make a reactor to power a whole city. Sounds funny? That's what the movie about!
- An alien survived a nuclear blast got killed by human fist.

And the epic failures in the movie:
- The flying tentacle sentries are obviously copied from Matrix.
- The brain-battery idea are also obviously copied from Matrix.
- The brain that don't follow the order and remains self control are damn obviously copied from Matrix (Neo the One).
- The sound and effects are so StarCraft-Protoss. I won't surprise if I heard "Entaro-Adun!" in the middle of somewhere.

My rating for the show: 3/10 [EPIC FAIL]
My recommendation: Save your money for cartoons like MegaMind, ToyStory, or DespicableMe are way more cost effective than watching this crap.

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