Thursday, November 11, 2010

When Exam Question Comes From Facebook

Well this post was inspired by Facebook itself, when one of my friend (which likely to suffering from final exam dilemma) commented that "I hope exams come from Facebook!" on her wall.

Well, let's try and see, there's some random question I busted out:

Q01: Who is the founder of Facebook?
Q02: When Facebook is created?
Q03: What is the initial purpose of Facebook when it is created?
Q04: What is the first Facebook apps?
Q05: What makes Farmville the most popular Facebook application, state 5 reasons.
Q06: Name 3 popular Facebook application developer except Zyunga and PlayFish.
Q07: How much does Facebook worth in the market?
Q08: What is the current population in Facebook (give up to 3 significant figures)?
Q09: Why does China banned Facebook? State at least 3 reasons.
Q10: Should office environment given access to Facebook? State 3 points to hold your standing.
Q11: What are the security issues faced by Facebook? Name at least 2.
Q12: It is not encouraged to have multiple account for Facebook just for being 'stand out' in certain application games, give 2 suggestion to solve this problem.
Q13: There are many web programming language such as php, html, asp, aspx, etc. Facebook is currently using php. Is this the best choice? Why?
Q14: What is the maximum number of people you can tag in a single Facebook photo.
Q15: What is the maximum number of people you can tag in a single Facebook wall post.
Q16: What is the different (in terms of functionality) for private group and public group.
Q17: List the steps to create a fan page in Facebook.
Q18: State 3 usage of Facebook credit.
Q19: An application is spamming on your wall, but you don't wish to remove it either, what is the possible solution?
Q20: If you own Facebook, what would you do?

Now, do you wish exam questions come from Facebook? lol~


Shaofie said...

if i can score this kind of question.
but in reality, this is not as easy as this question. sad.

Valerie said...

I'll fail for sure......