Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Famosa @ Malacca

Well, it has been a while since I last visited this place. That time I think this blog haven't born yet (yeah, the ugly me from the distant past).

Indoor coconut trees, cool yeah? The small patch of blue thing behind is the big wave pool, said to make people dizzy and throw out.

Photo with signboard, apparently almost everyone does that, including us lah. The bath room here are scary, as there's only a piece of cloth covering the action inside, and the cloth don't cover up everything! People still can see (if they want to) at a hole about 5cm wide.

Basically you could just image bathing in public...

The sliding fut-futs (we called it that way). The left one is the smaller fut-futs, 1-2 person each time; the right one is the family fut-fut, 3-5 person each time. The person in charge there jump into our boat and make us scream like mad because he go make the boat goes 90 degree when going down *faints*.

The lazy river, the place to go when you are tired after all the activity, just float there and pretend to be a floating corpse.

More pictures around the pool

Not clear? Click the picture to enlarge (at your own risk). Comments are not needed :)

After all the water fun we went stop by at Foon's grandmother's place. Apparently everyone got some free banana and a pack of drink for visiting, kind people indeed lol~

- - -

In the night, we went into Malacca town for some layered cake that introduced by Joel. Was sitting beside a huge mirror so might as well as take some picture lah :)

Oh ya, Foon's sister was tagging along for going back to Selangor home for some studying.

The tasty layered cake and the environment. The cake are pretty nice, I heard it was from Japan (not sure the cake itself or the people who made the cake learned it from Japan), definitely worth a try la :) The shop is just opposite Dataran Pahlawan, very near to the Old Town White Coffee.

- - -

The dinner of the day, the good old chicken rice shop below the chicken house (try guessing what this means).

Apparently it wasn't as delicious as I tried it last time, maybe my stomach is full this time, with the attendance of an ulcer in my mouth just kills my appetite, damn.

Well, that makes an one day water park trip in Malacca, 2 days before my final exam. The sun burn on my skin still showing its effect when I'm in the exam hall 2 days later, awesome!

P/S: Yeah this blog post was delayed by about a week due to the busy final exam, but later is better than never right :)

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