Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Part 1

The long waited Taiwan trip has finally been 'executed' nicely. Now it's time to do the blogging. But considering there are over 700-800 photos taken during the trip, I guess it will take quite some time to talk about the whole experience. Thus I'm breaking the trip into several parts, with each part representing each day in Taiwan (hopefully).

*Photo: How Taiwan looks like from the Air Asia plane.

The dudes and the babes.

Our accommodation for the first few days in Taipei, where the location, environment, and facilities are the best (except the entrance - don't ask why). The location is in the middle of Xi Men Ding, any shops right below the place, and even a night market in the night!

Checking the money to be burned in Taiwan. If it's Indonesia I'm sure we are all millionaire! Wahahaha...

The busy Xi Men Ding streets. We went food hunting around after we've settle down. There are too many restaurant nearby and we have a limited stomach capacity. So we decided to walk around and order all the small dishes food to eat.

Our first stop in the food hunt, a random restaurant in Xi Men Ding (no time to be picky, we're darn hungry that time).

Some of the Taiwan food recommended by the boss, 卤肉饭 (pork braised rice) and some vegetable and a plate of sweet Char-Xiu (yea, they are damn sweet).

Went into another restaurant, this time we ordered 蚵仔煎 (fried oyster with egg - literally) and some 芋头糕 (yam cake - I think, I'm bad in translating food names). The 芋头糕 is again, darn frigging sweet due to the sauce...

And yea, the toilets here are called 化妆室 (which is the room for make-up). Doesn't matter you are a babe or a dude, they just name it 女化妆室 and 男化妆室 - which sounds SO wrong.

Xi Men Ding Streets in the night, where all the lights are on, and all the night stalls start rolling in. There are even some street performance going around!

The very famous Taiwan 珍珠奶茶 (which rumored to be poisoned by the bad supplier). Notice the plastic seal above the drink? Almost all the drinks in Taiwan are served in that form, where they prepare the drinks, then seal the mouth using a machine. When you want to drink, just poke a straw through the plastic.

Pop Quiz: What is 粉圆 means? (highlight to see the answer "the 珍珠 in the 珍珠奶茶")

After all the food hunting, we went to the nearest temple (龙山寺) to pray for some good fortune. Apparently the locals tell us that the temple have hundred years of history, and very "strong"!

I figured it wouldn't be very nice to take photo in the temple when people are chanting their prayers, so I just snap a few outside here and there. One thing worth mentioning is there are REALLY A LOT OF PEOPLE!

After the pray-pray in the temple, we went for another round of food hunting near the temple. Night streets seems to be everywhere in Taiwan!

I guess that roughly concluded the first day in Taiwan. Stay tuned!

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