Thursday, June 23, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Part 7

Before I start writing, let me apologize from a long pause between the Taiwan series as I'm having a busy time to get used to the working life... I'll try to squeeze as much time possible to finish the whole trip (right now it's only half way done, FML).

Here's our last station before leaving Taipei and venture into other parts of Taiwan. Of all the places, the Taipei zoo. Why do I say in such a way? I'll explain it later~

The panda stadium right after the entrance. They sure build a frigging big building just to hold 2 panda and a huge panda souvenir shop. Too bad the panda was too far away from us, couldn't get a good picture (the picture captured there are after maximum zoom, blur right).

Some usual animals that you can find on any other zoo. One thing I dun like about Taipei zoo is that they put their anime kilometers away from the visitor, unless the animals are exceptionally large, else you'll need a binocular to see the animal at the size of.. a ring?

Let alone about interacting with the animals... I wana ride on zebra :(

Here's another place that are quite interesting, the penguin house. Due to the hot weather, we were hunting this place in the zoo map just to hide inside it.

Penguins are cute, of course :) They reminds me of Pn. Wong back in form 6.

The bear with the head alone as big as the your washing basin. Well they do look kinda adorable, when they are not treating u as their meal.

P/S: The hell they seriously need to upgrade their glasses to some anti-reflection glass, my camera couldn't take any good shop at animal behind the glass!

The kaola (which I have no idea why it pronounce as kua-la instead of kao-la). Just being lazy as they are, staying on the tree and let you have all the shooting fun.

- - -

Next station, Taizhong~ To be continued!

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