Sunday, June 12, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Part 6

Went to Shi Lin night market, one of the very famous night market in Taiwan. It is so huge that it eats your leg to just walk from the beginning to the end.

Here's something very rare compared to the night market here, where the night market there have stalls for all sorts of mini games, from shooting, archery, ring-hooking, cards, etc. Winner gets a price, loser gets to pay.

Even the night market is darn huge, the streets are still filled with all the people...

"The Nameless Shop" is the shop name, guess what's selling inside? (I've totally forget whats selling there though, hahaha...)

For a guy like myself, shopping isn't really my aim and I could play those mini games in arcade anytime, so the work of the night would be FOOD HUNTING! We've picked a few introduced shop from the traveler's guide, and the first stop is this Taiwan Ba Kut Teh alike shop.

I know they looks like Ba Kut Teh, but they taste different in their own way. The only conclusion can be made is that it is tasty! We've even drank the whole bowl of soup.

The original XXXL chicken chop from Shi Lin! Finally I get to taste it... Though it taste about the same here T_T

Well I guess all fried stuff taste about the same, and they use about the same spice too, oh well...

Another very famous stuff here, the Cheesy Potato. Well, as its name imply, it's just potato with cheese, any cheese fans must-have!

- - -

To be continued in part 7...

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