Thursday, June 02, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Part 2

Seriously man, nothing better than starting the day with a pork burger from McDonald. These things are stuff you can never get in Malaysia (even Singapore), is a must-try!

Apparently there's a memorial park nearby where we stay, and the park is in the middle of our destination in the morning. So we took a 'morning walk' through the park while snapping some photo.

Although it's just a usual memorial park, but they did good maintenance on it and keeping it in a good shape. There's a central memorial 'structure' there that looks like some sort of alien base (seriously).

See, I have no idea why they have two hand mold in the middle of the 'structure', looks like if you put you hands there it will activate some ancient alien technology stuff and the stones will start to shine (starts to run wild in fantasy).

History of the park, never really bothered reading them, I'm bad with lengthy historic stuffs...

Continued our journey. Some Taiwan roads are frigging wide (about 8-12 lanes). You can imagine crossing them is such a scary experience, like 20 vehicle lined up stares at you and wait you to cross the road... PRESSURE!

And finally we reached our destination, 自由广场 (which literally translated as the "Freedom Square"). By the way, this place is damn frigging big, about 4 football field I think. From what I heard is this place is the place where the big ceremony are held.

The blue building is the Jiang Jie Shi memorial monument, the red building on the right is the national theater, and I'm not sure what's the red building on the left (didn't really went near that, but I guess is some museum).

We was in luck to see some army marching around when we reached! Though it was already finishing when we reached, but still something to see.

Snapping some photo again. All the structure here are frigging huge, as if a titan was living here...

Moving towards the Jiang Jie Shi memorial monument. He was known as the person who liberated Taiwan from China (from what I heard). The statue is about 5-story tall at least, so you can imagine how huge is it...

The living-not-moving-standing-soldier. They stand so still that I think they don't even blink their eye!

Apparently there are a paint museum in the building too, but I have no idea what most of the painting were drawing, except a few. Yeah, at least I know the paint on the right was drawing a tree, golden one.

Not only paint museum, there's also a museum for mister Jiang Jie Shi himself, including a car he had been using when he's alive, and they recreated his office (the person sitting there is the wax portrait of Jiang Jie Shi).

There are also several documents and stuffs, the usual museum stuffs lah, too many to be mentioned one by one.

After all the long walk in the museum and all the places, time to move back to next destination, while looking for food there. Taipei MRT has awesomely confusing road signs, could lead people to Holland if not look carefully!

However, it seems like they decorated their MRT stations pretty well, with all the beautiful words and stuffs. If you are not in a hurry, take a stop and read them, some of them are really meaningful!

How I wish Malaysia have something like this, but I doubt it would get vandalized within a week upon putting on the wall... Sign...

- - -

Consider that the morning of day 2, the stuffs for the afternoon and night will be on part 3 or even part 4.

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