Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Steamboat + mahjong !!

After the cursing trip to Putrajaya, and thanks to the Labour Day's holiday, I've organized this steamboat party, where all the young teachers in Chen Moh are invited (though most of them buy air ticket and flied aeroplane already). However I'm still thankful to those attended (teacher Benny, teacher Joel, teacher Jason, teacher ChuiYi, teacher Lian, WeiRen *the only non-teacher*, and teacher KokPang), the numbers are still within my minimum amount.

Before the party was started I had a Dance Dance Revolution battle with Lian, finally I've a chance to show my weekend training with the dance pad, 140+ combo! Wahahaha! Around 8 o'clock, all the things are prepared, we started the steamboat party with a QingTong sup, and then was changed to Tomyam sup later (thanks to Jason's heavy flavouring, my tongue was like burning with hot lava...)

The steamboat party ends at around 9:45 o'clock, and another event took place - the mahjong event. The few mahjong addicted fans (Jason, Benny, KokPang, and ChuiYi) was like rushing to my room to *open table*, while me, Joel, WeiRen, and Lian was playing PlayStation at downstairs (though they also ended up at the mahjong table later on). Lian wasn't able to join into the mahjong party, he need to hand over his car to his father by 10:30, so he was the earliest to leave.

Due to the noise of these mahjong gangs, I've gone through lots of trouble to ask them keep the voice down. Damn how I wish to build a soundproof room in my house! Finally it is all ended at 5 o'clock in the morning, and I've finally can get on my bed to visit the dreamlands.

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