Monday, August 20, 2007

Life of a university student - Part II

Wee... Get to online again! It's time to update the blog! For this time there will be less words, just to share some photos I've took in the university, enjoy!

<- Ever eat such a smiley face Nasi Pataya? Well here's some! (Taken from cafeteria of k11.)

A cup of coffee while doing assignments, in order to kick off the sleepy feelings! (Taken in my room while doing circuit assignments.)

<- Doing math assignments (which is freaking easy at STPM level) while listening to my beloved album bartered from my friends. (Yet another photo from my room.)

<- Circuit board, doing some lame experiment with resistors regarding Kirchhoff's Law. (Taken from Circuit Analysis lab, 3rd floor of faculty of engineering.)

Okay, guess that's enough for now, the uploading speed here is simply terrible and horrible... More photos will probably take ages to complete. Here's one small quiz for all who are reading this blog! In the picture above, there's one picture that is
NOT LOGIC! Could you spot the picture? Winner get a clap from me! *laugh*

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