Saturday, August 18, 2007

Protected Animals

Defination of "Protected animals in Malaysia"
- Up to 30% are smokers, and as if they give a damn on other people there who don't smoke and suffering from their smoke. (Look at the photo above, see the red sign of NO SMOKING? By the way, this picture is taken from the cafeteria in my faculty.)
- up to 80% likes sports, which is good, except that before the sport starts, they shout from ground floor to 7th floor to call people to join the game, which don't give a damn on other resident who want to have their ear clean.

- Up to 90% are slumbering, aka doing nothing, sitting there waiting time to pass and time for the next "morning call" session (adept from negarakuku).

- Down to 1% are actually doing assignments and discussion.

Conclusion : Not that I hate them all, but 99% of them. I give my full respect to the remaining 1% who is actually contributing to the society.

Why I'm writing these? Simple, I've been reading about the "Negarakuku" issues that's so hot around the merdeka season. The government say that they going to take action against YouTube and all the bloggers which make me feel that they are, stupid. Why? Well just look around, do they know there's how many minister that are using blog to communicate with the people now days? Another thing is that the issues that brought up in the song is nothing but, fact. We all know that, and we chooses to be ignorance thanks to a very special body in Malaysia called ISA (Google it if you don't know what is it). But this fella I respect him for brave enough to bring up the issues, sing out the words in our heart. And yes, I am writing here to voice up my opinion. This is not a misuse of the internet, but the internet is currently our only platform to voice out our voice, as we all know that the papers and the news in public are all controlled by *certain organization*.

*Oh, I just heard they shouting at the ground floor, where I'm at third floor now... HELLO!! THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED HANDPHONE JACKASS!!*

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