Sunday, August 26, 2007

Course Night!

It's been quite some time since my last post, and it is time to update more! Before that, my time is so so filled in UPM until no time to go back home! (Let's put some curse on the head of co-curriculum department so that he is drunk on one day and cancel the stupid rule that every student are required to get 2 credit hour for coco activities!)
Okay okay, enough with those mumbling, time to update something into my blog, which is about my course night!

When is it?
It is hosted on 3rd of August, which is almost one month ago...

Wth? Now only post?
I don't wish to post delay this for so long too... As I said earlier, I don't have the chance to go home to update all the photos, I bet nobody will be interested with a blog with no words on it right? And I don't wish to post anything with just bunch of words to poison the eyes of my dear friend who reading this blog.

So, what is this course night?
This is the day where the guys be nice and gentlemen, the ladies to dress up and be beautiful, inside a ballroom and having dinner together with some nice ol music. By the way, this whole thing is not official since it is only for the Chinese in the course, oh well.

So, what you do there?
- Eat (duh!)
- Junior cat walk, let's see who's the most leng chai and beautiful around!
- Performance by juniors, huray for the drama peoples! You all did a great job!
- Lame games by seniors, eating banana, passing banana, kissing banana, etc...
- Lame slide show from senior, but not bad larh, quite interesting.
- Choosing course king and course queen, tradition of the course!
- Dancing... Neh, I wish there's this section too, bloody organizer have no sense of romance...

Anything more?
Well, there is! Is the video clip about our performance during the course night, but thanks to its file size of 914mb, it is impossible to put it online without resizing it. However due to many technical difficulty, we still can't get an good resized version that allow me to put it online! So, please be patient while we are working on it.

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