Sunday, October 26, 2008


I have so many cake photos in my photo library! Out of boredom I picked few of them and did a tiny award giving ceremony! Wahahaha...

The most memorable cake

This cake was taken 3 years ago, in my 18th birthday. Celebrated with all the 5s7 kaki in my house.

The most easy cake

Why easy? Cup-cake are cakes too, and there is no need of knife and tissue/plates to eat this cake! Taken during AhPak's anniversary.

The most original cake

This is my 21st birthday cake, square and original. So far this is the cake that I had the most people celebrate together with me! (21 years old mah, duh...)

The most biggest cake

Yeah yeah, I violated the grammar. But this cake is really so big that 50 people can only finish half of it! Taken during mother's 60th birthday.

The most beautiful, expensive, delicious, stuffing cake

This one is taken yesterday, it was ChungWang's birthday! The white roses are white chocolate, inside with some mocha cream and bottom layer have some melted Ferrero Roche. Made by Coffee Bean, and you need to pre-order the cake 3 days before the day!

Anyway, actually the main purpose of this blog post was to wish a big Happy Birthday to ChungWang!


Encik Azrin Yang Garang said...

gulppppp... i like the last one... so tempting... my stomach is growling now..

ku E said...

i bake and eat cupcakes ;) have you browse my baking blogs? let me know of what do you think of it k? :~)

Wendy said...

eh ehhh! I made the first cake!

Shit, looks damn horrible. hahahaa :P

But glad you liked it :)

Lion said...

ahahahah, lucky my photography angle is correct, if not look even more horrible *evil laugh*