Saturday, October 18, 2008


Someone told me that half of the people in the world does not possess a dream; and another half from these people went pass their whole life without knowing what's ther purpose in the world.

Try asking few person around you "What is your dream?", and I can guaranteed you to get few of their answer as "I wish to be a normal person", "I wish for a normal life" and things like that. One of the interesting answer I get when I was reading one of my friend's blog is "I wish to have a dream", just wow!


For myself, I once had a dream of being a scientist, and my idol was Albert Einstein. Back then, my dream was to create a Time Machine and view the truth of history. Because of this, it developed my interest in quantum theories and dimension theories.

Reality is cruel, being a scientist just won't feed your stomach, especially in Malaysia.

So basically, having a dream and survive with that dream is 2 different story. I need some better target in my life, a target that close to invention and creation, yet making money. One day, I found news about Google having its brand new office in Zurich. I wtf-ed.

Entrance and service counter.

Behind is the cafe, with the lady using the shortcut to reach the cafe.

Talking about relaxation.

The meeting room and workplace.


Anyway, how about we look at a gaming company, Blizzard? The games they published are very countable: StarCraft, Diablo, Diablo II, Warcraft, Warcraft II,Warcraft III, and World of Warcraft. Among the popular are StarCraft, DiabloII, Warcraft III, and World of Warcraft.

The outside and inside.

The cafeteria.

The working environment.

Omg-ed? A company with 3 popular games could make their facility into this level! Currently they are doing heck load of employment (sadly in US only) and continue to expand to be competitive to one of the gaming world dominator - EA Games.

Well I'm not going to talk about EA office because they suck in making RTS (Real time strategy games) and RPG (Role playing games) where I'm more likely to do. They are more towards sports game such as the famous FIFA Worldcup (which I have totally no interest in it).


Now, back to the topic. If you were to ask me "What is my dream?" I'll answer you: "I wish to work under those environment and make a most fascinating program/game that whole world going to know its name!"

"Unachievable dreams are of the best kind."
- Angeal, FF VII Crisis Core


YYY said...

Wah....din't expect that blizzard's office is so damn nice..

Lion said...

make game oso can make that much money, play game can d, no need study :p

ccw said...

Wow! really dream to work in this kind of environment... different from conventional working environment...

then v nonid take final... just play game la... haha xD

Lion said...

playing game are called game testers :D their pay ain't that high unless you join lots of gaming tournament and win lots of cash prize~ sadly in malaysia u can rarely see gaming tournaments running around.

making game are called game developer and thus these people are the one that working in those office; and game developer have 2 main field which is graphic developer and code developer~

so basically playing game wont bring u into those office~ haha xP

WenJian said...

Hey,,,only those in IT and telco field can hav the chance working under those environment,,heheheh

Lion said...

untrue, graphical artist are the one that will take most of the seats, as they need more space for samples are refrence.

IT and telco people normally have smaller ground unless you are some project senior or something.

Encik Azrin Yang Garang said...

aim big, work hard and world is all yours.

but please whatever you possess, dont become a big headed. :-)