Saturday, October 18, 2008


Yeap, the lion went fishing!

I'm not sure about other university but for UPM, we need to take 2 credit hour of co-curriculum activities if we wish to graduate from here. Back in the first semester I was doing archery (wow, the lion went shooting arrow!) and thus, finish for the second co-curriculum credit hour.

Actually I was thinking of taking either golf or fishing since these are the rare activities you don't get to enjoy other than UPM (I mean, for free). I guess it is expected out of UPM, the largest university in Malaysia after all, we have a nice big ponds (notice the 's') here with all the fish jumping around the big ponds.

Me, and the only fish I caught in the whole semester of fishing. Yes I know it is tiny.

Serious! No kidding, the fish in the pond jumps around, except that they just don't eat the frigging bait. Anyway, what we did in the fishing lesson are basically:

1) Put the bait on the fishing hook.
2) Throw the bait into the water.
3) Wait.

Which normally ended up, getting nothing.

Left: The fisherman and fisherwoman.
Right: My fishing rod, waiting the fish to eat the bait.

This is not my catch. Just showing what a big fish in the pond looks like. It is around 3kg if I'm not wrong.


ccw said...

Haha!! Lion really not good in fishing...

but the size of fish really a big different wor...

Lion said...

good enuf d~ better den got people catch nothing in whole sem~ kakakaakaak