Saturday, October 25, 2008

Try Google These

Thanks to the traffic feed, I found that there are quite some number of people who slam into my blog when searching for something not really related to my blog in Google.

Well then let me share some iron way to find my blog in Google.

Bronze slammers:
  • "lionlai" - Duh, it links you to my Friendster (which long abandoned) and blog.
  • "upm lion" - The one and only, lol.

Silver slammers:
  • "lion king pain" - Which link to my old pain/paint ball blog post.
  • "genting lion king" - Maybe people was seaching for some "genting lion dance champion/king" but slammed into my blog post of genting trip.

Gold slammers:
  • "lion king jokes" - Searching for Disney Lion King jokes? Well Google brings you to some of my joke blog post!
  • "singapore sentosa lion" - Lots of people fell for this, searching for information about the Sentosa Lion in Singapore ended up in my trip to Sentosa Island!

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