Sunday, October 05, 2008

Raya Holidays

Well, thanks to Hari Raya we get to have a one week holiday break before meeting our finals. Here I wish all my Malay friends a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! I'm waiting for the kuih raya when I go back to university tomorrow, hahaha...

Anyway, even it is a holiday but it don't really feel like holiday. The beginning of my holiday was busy with this:
One of the "very-interesting-assignments" given from our microprocessor lecturer, which asked us to make some "very-simple-animation-with-bonus-marks-on-creativity" based on the assembly programming we've learned.

Next will be the never-be-missed holiday event, finding old friends! Went to 1Utama with the old FQ-Gang (CCL, WeiRen, TzeYang, TingWei). For the first time in the past 3½ years, we actually changed our chatting ground from MidValley to other place!

As usual, went for movie even though there ain't many movies to choose from. We watched Painted Skin, well you could expect another made-in-China product (many chingching chiangchiang, many jumping around the roof, and many kelefe actors). The best part of the movie I enjoyed the most is actually the ending song.

We had our lunch, and later even our dinner there. Let's see, we had been chatting for like 6 hours, my oh my...

Thus the rest of the holiday are mostly gone with my PSP and debugging the bugs on my Unholy Alliance V project. Talking about studies? Wanted to but no mod to begin with. Sad.

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