Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random Photos

My phone was running out of memory.

So I went to sort out the photos in my phone, found some photos that quite "memorable" for all my friends around.

Work in process

Just as it sounds, copying speed is one of the must-have skill in university life, as it come in handy when you have bulk of undone assignments stacking up.

People behind the scene.

When we are enjoying all those memorable photos, sometime we should think about the people that holding the camera, isn't it?

Record holder

Sometime when you broke some record or did some really crazy thing, I'm sure you wanted to keep that moment for good!

Paper saver

Sometime when you are just too lazy to copy down a password from a game, or homeworks from studies, a camera is all you need.

And it is totally environmental friendly! We could actually save trees just for being lazy to copy down the works.

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