Sunday, January 25, 2009

CNY special - Reunion dinner

A group of 8, they say that it was 5s6 (CHS) reunion but it sounds like 6P (ChenMoh) reunion to me, since I'm not from 5s6 (which is out of 6 people in the group), but there are actually 3 people who came from 6P ChenMoh 11 years ago.

I actually still remembers the time where I talked about StarCraft with Joel back in primary, and also remember ZhiXin's voice 11 years ago. They say woman changes a lot, but I found that their voice can hardly change, lol.

Oh, old faded memories.

Anyway, we went to TGI Fridays to have our dinner. Originally the plan was going Macré but twisted by my experience of dining inside with my sister last time - a bill that better to be paid by credit card.

Since the meal was frigging un-cheap at all, it is worthy to take some photo and write a few words for it.

The appetizer, didn't have the chance to try the first one, the second one are the boneless chicken, but I actually preferred the vegetable on the left than the chicken itself, oh my...

Everybody's meal, TGI Fridays sure have big food on their big plate. Few of us actually unable to finish the full plate.

Cheese burger I ordered. The burger is simply much much more filling than any of McDonald's BigMac, SuperMac, MegaMac... The fries are delicious too!

The desserts. The one at the bottom is so big that it was slightly bigger than my thumb, I think I could finish it in a mouth full if I'm hungry!

Well, I got 3 girls having the girl talk on my left and 4 guys talking about future career path on my right, but myself was pretty stuck in the middle, play with the camera better larh.

Went to 牛车水 after the dinner. Nothing much to talk about that place, maybe we went at the wrong timing, many funny funny things to see, but didn't take any picture. Guess everyone was busy talking.

Special thanks:
Foon, the GPRS of the day.

No thanks:
Thean, the kite flier.
Myself, for being the pathetic driver of the day.

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