Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CNY special - Family dinner

After talking about friends, it is time to talk about some family dinner!

As usual, the house only start to get heated up on the second day of new year, where all the married daughter may go back to their home on this day.

This is mainly because my cousin sisters are the majority party maker in the section 5 house, which is my house. Yeah I know, kinda shame on my cousin brothers, and myself too...

The table of food tonight, with my sister back from Singapore, my aunts, and my cousin sisters. The dinner is fantastic, especially the 猪脚醋 from my mother, my good old favorite.

Of course, never forget the 鱼生 (yee-shang) or also known as the Chinese-Rojak that I'll never miss during Chinese New Year.



Here I wish everyone have a happy moooo year!

Strong like a bull.
Though like a bull.
Healthy like a bull.

But don't work like a bull! Work smart!

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