Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY special - Ulu Yam

Is my mom's hometown!

It has been renamed to "Hulu Yam Bharu" but we just used to call it "Ulu Yam" larh. Both my sisters have tons of memories on that place, but mine have a gap in the middle as usual.

I could still remember that I played fireworks at the backyard of the house, the white fluffy dog (which passed years ago T.T) that I really like to touch its soft fur. I also remember that I used some of my AngPow money to buy ice cream on the old old sell-all-kinds-of-thingy-shop across the street.

Not to forget the big gang of cousins that we used to play like mad when all are kids, and gamble like mad in later age.

But we didn't went back for almost 10 years since my sisters got married and mother's work on second day of new year. The place had changed a lot, a whole lot. The old old shops are gone, replaced with a 7-11 instead. I didn't meet my good old cousins but I bet I could barely recognize them.

I've never underestimate the power of time.

Though time may wash many things away, but the "Ulu Yam Loh Mee" that we all loved a lot never changed. Lovely and delicious as it has always been.

We saw some goats nearby! The one at the back is actually climbing up the wall to get the leaves! Surely this is not something you can see in our daily life, not even in National Geographic, where they will show you some New Zealand goat on a wide grass field instead.

Kids now days.

God I'm actually repeating the same thing that those uncle auntie has been telling me back when I was still a kiddo.

Kinda understand their feelings now.

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