Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Out of random

I'm having so many "random" stuff happening around me. So random that I could blog about it.
  • My previous post was based on a random video I found in YouTube.
  • My post before previous was based on random photos in my phone.
  • I just picked a random blog in my blog list and read it for past 30 minutes.
  • I actually though of a random number for some new-year-jackpot-luck.
  • I'm dealing with so many random probability in my statistic course subject.
  • One of my friend keep mentioning hardware random generator to me.
  • I picked some random food in my mixed rice dinner just now, totally tasteless.
  • I'm now in the library blogging with a random seat chosen just now.
  • Now I'm thinking of more random stuff that dealing with randomness to post.
  • I'm searching for some random picture in the web to use as a post header.
  • Ah, I just found my random picture!
You see, we deal with so many random stuffs everyday, but these random things accumulate without us knowing, becoming part of our life, our experience, and maybe our story to be told to our next generation.

We'll never know, as they occurs randomly, totally unpredictable.

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