Sunday, May 31, 2009

A long, tiring, and happy day

Today is a total outing day. Wake up at 6.20am, then doing some event hosting part time under Dutch Lady till around 6pm, had dinner in 1 Utama till around 9pm, then went out drink tea till around 11.30pm. Woah! I've been out for 17 hours!

Oh, don't mind the coconut tree, some random stuff I took randomly to show th weather of the day.

Meet the Mr. Cow. Thought they called it the Dutch Lady Yes Cow, but anyway larh, I like this costume lerh, darn cute! Especially the cow's smile, *yeeeee~* like that, darn funny!

The four game masters, the four person who will lost their voice in battle of kids and the 400W speaker. Let's pray for them, nam mo nam mo nam mo...

I think this is the only photo I manage to capture during the small resting in the middle larh. The Indian guy is called Joe, who is also the person inside the cow custume.

This fella is one of the most interesting guy I've ever met. His level of being lame is in totally new level to me, even the known lamer that I've always thought, Stephen, would bow in front of him!

*Terrible monsters attacking Playtropolis! Save the kids! Drink more milk! Run faster!*

Joel u spoil my acting larh, aiyo!

Well I didn't get the big group photo yet, so this is roughly the kampung of people that worked in the event, half UPM kaki and half PJ tangan.

The big cheers for finishing the job peacefully! There's only milk around so let it be larh, lol...

The dinner after the whole day of work. This curry laksa is NICE!!


Anyway since this is the first time I took part in this kind of event job, so going to write a little larh.

Well since I'm a game master, handle and play with kids is all I do. Well the different of handling event children with school children is that, their parents are there. And I think that it is harder to handle the parents than their children themselves!

Some aunty tend to *help* their children secretly (which is right under our nose) so that their children can win. But this was fine, there are even parents who ask you why their children didn't win under my group, which indirectly telling you that you suck in giving bonus towards your own team, what the heck larh auntie!

Which, categorize the parents into 2 groups, the parents that want to let their children to have fun during the event, and the parents who using want their children to win stuff during the event. The latter seems to be majority of the crowd, *sigh*.

Alright, enough with the parents, talk about the children.

Since they are children, it is expected them to be a bit naughty, but I think it is still able to handle them, can even have fun with them.

There are many different types of mini games we had to lead them to play, but one thing makes me feel so touching, is that the children can hold hand in hands, shoulder to shoulder to complete their task, and they are all children with different background, different race, different language. But they can do it!

It makes me feel damn sad that why adult could never do such things that it is so easy for the children, shouldn't we learn from them instead of telling these little soul about things that can torn them apart? I just couldn't do that!

Another *sigh*.

Learn heck lots of stuffs this time, would like to say a big thank you to Catherine, for handling the bunch of big kids like us and sharing her experience with us! Thank you!

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