Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Review: Star Trek

Yeap, just went for Star Trek, can't afford to miss this show as I'm a big science friction fan! Well, I'm quite amazed at myself that I could understand about 85% of the scientific terms used in in the movie, where my friends who was watching along, can't really get what is what.

Well, I'll help to explain some of the things and some question that mumbling in my mind here, for those who haven't watched, no worries no spoiler! For those who watched, it helps you to understand the movie better!

Basically is another name for center of black hole, you'll encounter this term a few times in the show, some add-maths students might had heard this term before. This is the point where gravity went wrong, a point where all laws of physic are broken, a point with huge mass compressed into a single point.

Black Hole? Worm Hole?
Some might thinks that they are 2 entirely different thing, but a black hole CAN be a worm hole. There are theories that saying if you get sucked into a black hole at point x time t, you might pop out in another different point and time, due to the immense gravity of the black hole that warps the space-time dimensions so badly that it connects 2 different space-time coordinates together. However they are unsafe for shortcut space travel, even time travel. As these worm holes are very unstable, they might get connected or disconnected anytime, or constantly changing the coordinates of the exit point.

Alright that was damn long and hard to understand.

To make things simple, if you get sucked into a black hole, either you get torn apart and get sucked into the singularity, or you might get pop out at another location in space and different time (back to past or forward to future). However you can't really control your exit point as this system is unstable! I'll give an example here:
Let's say 2 fellas get sucked into a black hole, and they didn't get themselves torn apart, then this might happen. The first fella that enters the black hole get randomly teleported to 25 years ago and the second fella get randomly teleported to our current time.

Changing the future?
Yes, since a person from the future get to the past, it creates a paradox called grandfather paradox, asking that if you went to the past and kill your grandfather, will you disappear? Currently the best explanation to solve this is that whenever you did a time travel to the past, it creates a new time line for going to the future (which makes time is no longer one direction, could be multi direction), so whatever you did on this time line will not affect the time line from where you come from. So if you murdered your grandfather here, it's just that you will not born on this time line, the time line that where you came from, did not change a thing.

It's confusing again.
Basically when you did a time travel to the past you opens up another line of history, but the history from where you came from remain unchanged, you just created 2 different future!

---Alert: Spoiler zone!---

What is Red Matter?
Red Matter, in this case is just a name for an unknown-matter that leaves to the viewer to interpret themselves (just like Chemical-X in Powerpuff Girls).

Alright that does not answer the question! But according to here, it says that: "Red matter was an unstable matter with distinct gravitational properties, specifically a propensity to condense into quantum singularities."

But here comes the problem, when it says "distinct gravitational properties", I'll assume that it's a extremely dense object with no gravitational pulls, but they are highly unstable and will turn into a singularity anytime. But even an object have no gravitational pull, it's mass should remains there. In the show it used one small drop to suck in a supernova (explosion of a star), so I'll assume that drop have at least one solar mass (mass of our sun, around 1.989×10^30kg). Now look back into the show, we have that one big chuck of it, that's at least a million solar mass there! I highly doubt that there's any power that can carry an object with a million solar mass around (just imagine carrying an object with mass of 1 million sun).

That's not the only problem, another problem is when Spock crashed the big chuck of red matter to Nero's ship, a supermassive black hole (due to million times of mass) is created that a million times more stronger than normal black holes (the one that wipe out planet Vulcan). The thing is, why in the heck that ship get suck in so frigging slowly until Kirk have the good chat with Nero? It would've vanished in seconds!

Not logic! So how?
The question keep turning around my mind after watching the show, therefore I came out with my own idea of what the red matter actually is! *Laughs of mad scientist*

Well, I think that the red matter is actually a matter that could connect the massive space-time warps created by a black hole to a point where it "ignited" or simply out-of-control.

Still don't understand? Well look at this:
Imagine a huge whirlpool that sucks everything in. Now imagine i have a super-powerful-straw, with one end is connected to the center of the whirlpool, while another end is connected to any peaceful water surface. The result? You created a mini whirlpool!

The same terminology applies here, we have an existing black hole, then the red matter will acts as a straw in the middle. No matter how many "straws" you have, you can't make another stronger whirlpool than the existing whirlpool.

I got this idea when looking at how the spaceships doing long distance travel in a short time, their technology in manipulating the space-time dimensions must be really advanced, I don't think it should be a huge problem for them to connect a point within the event horizon (point of no return of black holes) with another point in space, especially when they came from the future.

Well that solves the paradox!


Well that's all for my review, have a good day!


encik adi said...

wow dude, this is the first time i read a star trek review that is so scientifically reviewed. completed dengan gambarajah. just like in the form 5 text book man!! even spock himself would never understand this. haha..

very cool dude..

Lion said...

lol, form 5 text books does not teach string theory, theory of relativity, black hole singularities, parallel universe~

I'm not even sure you can get them in the local universities~ XD

I get rid of these terms for the easy of the reader lol, else i'll be more like writing a scientific report :P

sis said...

after reading, this could be my only reaction: X_X