Thursday, May 14, 2009

Record breaking karaoke

Had my record breaking karaoke yesterday, after watching Star Trek with SuFung and SuYin (which lead me to the long review below this post). Started around 1pm, then suppose ends at 5pm, but we get some free extension until 8pm.

But we didn't really sing up to that late larh, we decided to pull ourself out at around 7pm as we all are getting frigging hungry. So basically I've stayed in that karaoke room for like 6 hours! Personal record breaking...

Alright I have no idea why they order (or was it randomly given) a coke, a lemon-coke, a sprite, a lemon-sprite, and a ice lemon tea. Luckily I stole the jar of ice lemon tea to my table first, wakakaka! (I can't have soft drinks during karaoke as it is like a phlegm magnet to me!)

Joel taking photo with one human girl, one black ghost and one white ghost behind there. Scary wei!

Ops, this was a failure capture, but due to lack of photo to share with, never mind larh!


YYY said...

Lion got to see its friend from jungle...haha
You must have a lot of fun!

Lion said...

life is indeed filled with fun if we grab the right moment :)