Friday, May 22, 2009

Review: Night at Museum 2

Well, just like the Night at Museum 1, it is still taking about things that shouldn't move gets moving.

Well the whole show is almost like the repeat of the part one, just things get bigger and more things get "move it move it". Of course, more funny stuffs I guess. The whole story are still okay I guess, really love the 3 little cupids, they have such a beautiful voice! Except their face, they need some real plastic surgery.

Hmph, better don't talk too much, else there will be no fun in watching the show. A show that worth watching while waiting for some bigger movies such as Terminator, Transformer, or Harry Potter!

By the way, I kinda wonder the tablet in the show is the one that driving the things in Toy Story moving? Lol don't mind me, some random crazy thoughts again.

Hey but seriously, I think they are kinda related! Mwahahaha...


encik adi said...

aiyo lion, this movie IS WAY bigger and better than terminator lah, if u ask me.

Lion said...

well... in term of advertising larh, we see lots of goodies stuff for terminator but not night of museum what :)