Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

It's the day for the mothers.
My big sister is a mother.
Most of my cousin sisters are mother.

Which means, this day will make up a very good reason for making family party! Which also means, the whole family will be having steamboat again!

This time the ingredients is more on budget, no expensive scallop, no chicken, no beef, no lamb, and no Fuk-Zhao fish balls!

But we have some very cute looking fish balls fish stars.

But when it comes to eating it... This is so wrong! I can't tell exactly what's wrong but it is just so wrong!

Oh, the good old pot that has been serving the Lai family's gathering for almost one decade, hope you continue to serve us in the future.

Baskin Robbins ice cream cake!

Though I have no idea why this pink handbag cake serves as the mother's day cake, but I could think of a few reason larh:
  • Pink because of the ladies' colour, or you can hardly get a pink handbag for real?
  • Handbag for modern mothers, aunties normally use basket bags lol.
  • Fat handbag to indicate inside many money, good luck for buying toto and 4D!

Well sis, nice cake you picked! Even the cake-knife is pink! Woah!

Well the fun part of having an ice cream cake is that they normally come with few pieces of dry ice. Throwing dry ice into water will generate cool and spooky effects!

However the the bad thing of ice cream cake is that it melts damn fast! Once it is out of the fridge you must quickly cut it and finish it, else you'll regret you money melting away with the cake.

Oh, not to forget, one of the main character after meal. AhSiew was trying to make some Bacardi-Soda-Mint mixture drink, but turn out to be tasted like Mentos melted into cold water, lol.


Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

wahh oon budget still can buy baskin robin XD

Btw, did you try use the metal spoon and touch the dry ice? it will produce sounds :D

Lion said...

is it? never try that before O_o

btw the baskin robin is from my sis, while the budget steamboat is from my cousin sister xD

diff people incharge of diff stuffs ma~

Kev said...

wow...that's a lot of treat for Mother's Day. I bet she enjoyed it :)

Lion said...

yea ^^" for the younger generation mothers hahaha...

Cassandra said...

eh eh, where you buy the cute fish stars from ah? lol

kahyan said...

I bought the stars !! i bought the stars..! I was the culprit ! XD XD