Saturday, June 13, 2009

Genting one day trip

Well, since my second sis came back for a break from Singapore, so we 3 brother and sisters, along with the family went for a one day walk in Genting!

Wonder why Genting always came into mind when we think about a quick trip...

Anyway it's school holiday, the place are so filled with people! Theme parks? Not really into it for this trip, but casino is. Since I've never went into that place before so it's time to open my eye sight a little.

Just went in and take a few look, really.

For a person whole love maths and doing probability, my mind is already told me that the expected result to be negative. Believe in luck is as good as asking money to fall from sky, lol.

Starbucks no matter where we go, love it!


Actually Genting isn't all about casino and theme parks only, there are some other interesting things there too. The mushroom farm for example.

Well look at this!

People say that these are really expensive stuff, and look at this, there are so many here! Makes my eye go $_$ when seeing this.

The black fungus, quite a common type of food we had in normal day, but its actual look in the farm are... Doesn't look much like a food...


Ah, there's one more interesting place to visit, is the Chin Swee temple.

I think the temple's renovation has just finished not very long ago, everywhere still looks very new, and this temple is incredibly huge!

Huge temple come along with huge statues.

I'm not very sure how to translate the name of these Chinese gods into English, direct translate would sounds like: "The eight Chinese gods, and also the 18 Chinese monk".

The Chinese hell on the left, while the right is one of the respected Chinese goddess.

Nine dragon wall.

And some view around the temple. Sadly we discovered this place on the way going back, couldn't explore the whole place, and most of the temple for praying is already closed.

Next time must visit this place first before going up!

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